In the book Animal Farm by George Orwell they had a big problem with the pigs. At the beginning of Animal Farm the pigs were actually a big help, but as the story goes on the pigs become harder to get along with. The animals had to work hard all day and night, while the pigs simply directed and supervised them. The animals soon began to question the things the pigs were doing, but they didn’t have to question for long because Squealer stepped and put a spin on everything, an untrue spin that is.

After this everything just started to go downhill for the pigs they started to drink alcohol. They received a pint a day while Napoleon received ½ gallon a day. The pigs were also wearing clothes by this time like they were actually humans. Just imagine a pig in clothes; it’s not a pretty sight. They decided to live in the farmhouse, sleep in beds, and much much more. The last straw was when the pigs walked on two legs. They were so fat I don’t even know how they managed to do this they must’ve practice for a long time! They even taught the sheep a new chant it went “Four legs good, Two legs better.”

The pigs took these things to an extreme like they actually thought in their minds that they were humans. A big sign of this was at the end of the story when the pigs were playing cards with the humans and went so far that they changed the farms name back to Manor Farm.

Jasmine Williams

Elexis Bosley