The Controlling Pigs

These pigs were some kind of brainy-act super nova pigs. All of the animals on that farm supported the pig’s answers and comments whether or not they liked it. The concept was, the pigs were educated. They had a system of all animals learning the alphabet and other things. The pigs were the only ones that got it on point. They hardly had to work at it. This is why the pigs were nominated the smart ones. I don’t like to brag, I’m pretty smart myself. My friend Brianna is smart as well…

Ok…how did these pigs get so smart? Personally I think they were studying the humans before the rebellion. I don’t know, but I think there is another reason. I mean, is there any other way ? The pigs were full of knowledge before they started the system of all animals learning the alphabet. All of these things make your mind ponder, don’t they? Don’t be ashamed. They make me ponder too…

One of the pigs died I the battle of Cowshed. Was their defense off? Did they run out of ammo? There are so many questions here that need answering… In this wonderful novel, Napoleon, the leader, was tired of having all of these votes on different situations. Napoleon gave the pigs the job of making all of the decisions. They didn’t have a meeting to talk about what the pigs came up with. They had to go all didn’t have a meeting to talk to everybody personally. I couldn’t do that. That’s just a little bit too much pressure.

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