In the Battle of the Windmill, there were fifteen men that attacked the farm with half a dozen guns. They opened fire within ten to fifty yards of the animals. A number of the animals were wounded and took refuge in the farm buildings. The enemy was occupying the whole pasture and the area with the windmill. Two of Frederick’s men produced a crowbar and a sledge hammer, and they drilled a hole in the base of the windmill and insert blasting powder and blew up the windmill. In the end there was nothing left of the windmill except the base. The animals then regained their courage seeing the demolition of the windmill. The animals began to fight back with a great ferocity.

In total a cow, three sheep, and two geese were killed in the battle. Nearly everyone including Napoleon was injured. Three of the men had their head’s broken by Boxer’s hoof, another was gored in the belly by a Cow’s horn, and another almost had his trousers torn off by Jesse and Bluebell. They won the battle but they were weary and bleeding. Some of the animals were moved to tears at the sight of their dead comrades. Almost all traces of their precious windmill were gone.

After the battle a Victory Celebration was held to announce and celebrate their hard work and their Victory. The Green Flag and the gun was shot off seen times to mourn the loss of their dead comrades. Napoleon held a speech and congratulating the animals on their great victory. The animals killed in the battle were given a solemn funeral procession, and two days of celebration. All in all this great disastrous battle became known as the Battle of The Windmill.

Jaylon Tatum

Courtney Moody

English 2nd period Pre-AP