Alfred Graydon Darrelle White October 21, 2010 7th period

The Battle of the Windmill was the second battle of the Animal Farm. One reason why the Battle of the Windmill occurred was because Mr. Fredrick gave them fake money when buying timber. Another reason the Battle of the Windmill started is because there were rumors around the farm that the humans were planning an attack on the farm and wanted to destroy the windmill. Mr. Fredrick wanted to destroy the windmill because he was jealous of the animals creation. The animals were well prepared for the attack. They had several lines of defenses lead by Snowball. The attack came one early morning while the animals were at breakfast. The animals had look-outs trying to spot the arrival of the attack. Mr. Fredrick and his men had gotten within the gates of the farm. Fifteen men were rushing in with guns and fired pellets at the animals. Several animals were wounded by these pellets. As the battle was going on, the pigeons returned with a paper from Mr. Pilkington which read : Serves you right! Meanwhile, two of Mr. Fredrick’s men had a crowbar and a sledge hammer. They were drilling a hole at the base of the windmill. Napoleon sought to believe that the wall was too thick for them to bring down at the battle. But, as the animals sat back and watched, the windmill was smoked up and the humans destroyed it. As the men continued to fire, a cow, three sheep, and two geese were killed. Almost every animal was very much wounded. The animals wanted revenge and fought back. Three of Mr. Fredrick’s men had their heads broken by Boxer’s hoofs. Boxer was one of the stronger animals of the farm. Napoleons dogs seemed to surround the men so the men took of running for their lives. The animals chased the men to the bottom of the field. They limped back to the farm. It was a moment of silence for the animals that died. Then afterward, Squealer shot the cannon and celebrated their victory. From then on, they decided to call that battle The Battle of the Windmill.