The battle of Cowshed was the first battle that happens between the animals and the humans. It did not last a very long time. In this battle Snowball was in charge of what the animals did, and when they did it. Snowball had studied an old book of Julius Caesar campaigns which told him everything he needed to know.

The animals were well organized and had it all planned out. They all worked together, and stayed focus on getting the humans out of their farm. They put all their abilities to work to go against the humans. First, Snowball sent thirty- five pigeons to drop dung on their heads. Then, the geese pecked at the humans calves. Some of the animals butted the men from every side. The humans were shocked that the animals was fighting back and winning the battle.

The animals had stuck together better than Jones and his men did, because they helped each other when they saw one of them needed help. Snowball and other animals got hurt. Some even died. They were very confident in what they were doing, and they were very successful. Snowball was a very hard working pig so that was an advantage that they had towards the battle. He wanted to achieve a vast amount of things in the battle. One animal thought that when Snowball got hurt it wasn’t a real injury. None of the animals disobeyed during the fight. All of the Animals were rewarded afterward and had fun. They were all happy at the end.

Sharneicia Johns and Karen James 5th pd.