The animals on Manor Farm were being mistreated by the owner of the farm. His name was Mr. Jones. Old Major inspired a rebellion. The purpose of the rebellion was to overpower Mr. Jones and all animals would be treated equally.

It all started when Old Major had a dream which led to the rebellion. When Old Major passed away the rebellion began. After overpowering Mr. Jones and scaring him away from his own farm, Snowball and Napoleon took over. Manor Farm then became Animal Farm.

Snowball made a list of seven commandments. The seventh commandment stated that “ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL”. This means that regardless of your size, weight, color, or skills that you are just as equal as any other animal.

For awhile this commandment was obeyed and all the animals agreed with this law. Well, all except Napoleon. Almost every animal besides Napoleon contributed and teamed together.

Napoleon was greedy and wanted all the power. So during a meeting one day Napoleon ordered nine charging dogs after Snowball. Snowball left the farm. Napoleon took over and became a dictator.

He made all the animals work overtime while he did not work what so ever. He made pigs seem greater than any other animal because they received more food than the others. The pigs slept in Mr. Jones’s house. They began walking on two legs.

Napoleon revised the seventh commandment. He made it to suit his criteria. The new seventh commandment stated that” ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL BUT SOME ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHER. Now does this sound like Old Majors morals? Is this what the rebellion was for? No, Napoleon changed the most important commandment. He became another Mr. Jones.

Yamilex Zamudio

Caitlin McCool

3rd period

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