The 5th Commandment

“No animal shall drink alcohol. (To excess.)

Snowball created the seven commandments. The 5th one read, “No animal shall drink alcohol.” From here we can see that he meant to keep animals from following Mr. Jones down when Napoleon’s greed for alcohol changed things.

In the beginning Snowball had good intensions for no alcohol. It can only lead to bad things after all. With the fun feeling of drunkenness animals would become even more corrupt. So it was created! With a good idea, it was only so long before someone would ruin it though.

Later in chapter eight near the end, it says the pigs came to the stalls rattling stuff. Then later Muriel noticed that the original rule of, “No animal shall drink alcohol,” was changed into, “No animal shall drink alcohol, to excess.” It doesn’t say why this was done. Was it to get drunk, or may be simply to taste alcohol? We don’t know, yet the result was destructive and corrupt.

Later in the book the pigs received each a pint of alcohol and Napoleon was receiving half a gallon. Clearly it was a fine aspect of life for them the changed the law for his own pleasure. He didn’t care that it might corrupt him or the pigs so his corruption led them to allow the law of change. When he got to this point they didn’t even care about it. They now drink on fun occasions.

We now see Napoleon corrupt rule allowed his thoughts to change all thoughts. With no opposition he ruled with this change easily.

Nathan Hilliard and Ty Keister


7th Period