The animals on manor farm started a rebellion. They started a rebellion because the owner of manor farm “ Mr. Jones” started neglecting them. They were not fed enough. Mr. Jones got so drunk one day that he didn’t come back to the farm until a few days later. The animals were neglected and underfed . that was the last straw for the animals they have had enough of being neglected and underfed. They knew that they had to something to survive. Mr. Jones arrived and immediately fell asleep on the sofa. It soon became the evening time and the animals are furious. So one of the cows broke down the door with her horns. They were freeing themselves. Just as that was happening Mr. Jones woke up. He and his men got whips and went straight for the animals. That’s when the rebellion had begun. The animals broke out of the barn in fury. They animals and Mr. Jones and his men went to war. The animals attacked Mr. Jones and his men and had beat their buts until Mr. Jones and his men gave up. Napoleon later changed the name of the farm to ANIMAL FARM. After the change the pigs studied animalism and reduced the principles of it, and making it the seven commandments. They constantly worked on the farm during the harvest. Later, Mr. Jones and his men tried to recapture the farm. The animals and Mr. Jones and his men got into a huge war. That was the first battle since the rebellion. Mollie was being a spy and later went missing. Napoleon who was one of the leaders declared to build a windmill. Then they were attacked by Mr. Jones and his men. During the battle the windmill was destroyed. This battle was called the Battle of the Windmill. The animals began going through a lot of hardships during the revolution.

Josh Alcorn and Myeisha Vance

7th period