I will be explaining Squealer’s purpose and character in the Animal Farm. Squealer was your average, every-day looking boar. He was a small, fat pig with very round cheeks and twinkling eyes. He had a nimble way of walking and a shrill voice. He was a very brilliant talker, so brilliant, in fact, that some say he could turn black to white.

He had a way of skipping from side to side whisking his tail from side to side, which seemed to be very persuasive when making a very serious point in a conflict. Because of his social skills, he was the one that always explained why something happened the way it happened, or is the way it is.

When Snowball was no more, Squealer became Napoleon’s right-hand man. Squealer twisted and bent rules for his and Napoleon’s own desires. One rule he twisted with his maniacal words was the Fourth Commandment; No animal shall sleep in a bed. Instead of the bed being something of human creation, he turned it more into a metaphor. His defense was that a bed merely meant a place for sleep. Apparently the rule was against sheets, which were the only man made part of the beds they slept on.

Another rule that was changed under the devious Squealer was the Sixth Commandment; No animal shall kill any other animal. Though no one thought to question Squealer on this, I believe his defense would have been that if they were to let traitors roam free, what other damage could they have done to the farm? He would have made clear that the death of the traitors was for the greater good of Animal Farm.

Jacob Curtis and Hannah Bush


Mrs. Steele’s 2nd Period