Snowball was a young boar who was born on a farm that was basically a regime. He was the most brilliant of all the animals and could write extremely well for an animal. The owner, Mr. Jones, was exiled from his own farm and Snowball was one of the pigs who became a leader along with Napoleon. Napoleon and Snowball could never come to an agreement on anything. If Snowball had an idea, Napoleon would disregard it as well as vice versa. When it came to settling disputes through speeches, Snowball was most successful. As one of the leaders, he decided to disregard all the old traditions Mr. Jones had them take part in. He also took part in writing the seven commandments. After the seven commandments project, Snowball then began to draw out the plans for the windmill, which Napoleon disagreed on. After they were all drawn out, Napoleon became jealous and urinated all over them. Snowball was also in charge of the defense system of the animals during the Battle of Cowshed. Later on, Napoleon took control of Squealer and had him convince the farm that Snowball was a traitor. That lead to Snowball’s explosion from the farm through Napoleon for his own satisfaction. Napoleon had his dogs chase Snowball from the farm. While he was gone, he was accused of taking part in other farms. Snowball was also accused of being the reason for every bad situation that was occurring on the farm. The effect of Snowball being gone had a negative effect on the farm.

Maisie Prince

Rikki Martin

2nd period