In Animal Farm, the animals have a rebellion against the humans. So, they come up with seven commandments to organize their rebellion. The commandments are like laws that Napoleon and Snowball created so the animals could follow. The first commandment states that whatever goes up on two legs is enemy. That would mean all animals are friends and humans are the enemy. The second commandment states what goes up on four legs or has wings is a friend. All animals are friends. The third commandment states that no animal shall wear clothes. So the cant dress the way the humans dress. The fourth commandment states that no animal shall sleep in a bed. Commandment number five says no animal shall drink alcohol. Commandment six says no animal shall kill another animal. Commandment seven says all animals are equal. As you read along in the book you will find out some of the commandments change. Only three of the commandments change. Commandments four , six, and seven. Commandments four is now no animal shall sleep in a bed without sheets. Commandment six is now no animal shall kill another animal without cause. Commandment number seven changed to, all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others. They shouldn’t have changed commandment four because, the animals would get sick and couldn’t work. They should have kept commandment six the same because no animal shall kill another. They should not have changed commandment seven because all animals are the same.

Trayvon Alcorn Malik Bryant Period 2nd