Mr. Jones is the owner of Manor Farm. He plays an important role in the story when he and his men cause the animals to rebel and take over.

At first Mr. Jones is a strict master but also a good farmer. He becomes bitter and cruel towards the animals after losing money in a lawsuit, since then he starts drinking entirely too much and neglects his duties on the farm. He would rather lounge around inside his house getting drunk and feeding Moses (the tame raven) pieces of bread crust soaked in beer. Manor Farm started going downhill seeing as how Mr. Jones had grown lazy and his men were dishonest and disloyal. The animals didn’t get fed, the hedges needed trimmed, the buildings needed new roofing and the fields were filled with weeds.

One day the animals could no longer take it and a brave cow broke through the door of the store-shed with her horn as the other animals followed, they all stampeded to the food bins and they ate. Mr. Jones wakes up from being passed out on his drawing-room sofa with the news of the world over his face to hear the animals making all that noise in the barn. Before the animals had time to realize Mr. Jones and his men had made their way out to the barn, all of them with their whips in hand. The animals were lashed from all directions. The animals all at once decided to fight back and they chased Mr. Jones, his men and Mrs. Jones out of Manor Farm. This event marked the start of the animals’ rebellion and the end of Mr. Jones and his men.

Achante' Perry