3rd period NapoleonEdit

Napoleon was a very strict leader. All the power went to his head. He brain washed all the animals to make them believe what he said. Napoleon also changed the seven commandments to make them what he wanted. For example…One of them said an animal shall not kill another animal. He changed it to No animal shall kill another animal “without cause.” Napoleon was a very sneaky, greedy, bossy, negligent, sardonic, suspicious, morose, exacting, deft, and austere pig. Even though Napoleon had quite enough power, he still wanted more and he did everything he could to make that possible. He was way too controlling over the animals too. He was very bias against the animals too. The pigs were the ones who got treated well and the others did not. Napoleon got away with a lot of schemes also. For example, he took the puppies and trained them to protect him. Nobody knew that though. Napoleon was a bad influence on all the animals. He sold boxer to a glue factory and lied to everyone saying that he was going to a hospital. Napoleon made all the anim als do his dirty work for him. He was a coward pig. I am pretty sure he knew everyone but the pigs would turn against him sooner or later? He knew how to take control though. Napoleon ran Snowball out because he was jealous of his work. At the end, Benjamin and the other animals turned against him and kicked him out. Then they went on with their lives.