Napoleon was an outstanding , and magnificent leader. Napoleon wasn’t always a leader , Napoleon got his chance when Old Major passed away. Once Old Major passed away Napoleon and also another comrade wanted to be the role of leader. His name was Snowball and him and Napoleon constantly competed in this role. Throughout the constant competition of who was to be chosen of the title leader Napoleon came out on top.

Napoleon had to go through many obstacles to accomplish this goal. For one Napoleon had to show his fellow comrades that he would fit this role perfectly. Later on we found out Napoleon wasn’t always clean in how he did things. Napoleon stooped to the lowest point he could stoop to. He lied to every animal on animal farm that Snowball was a trader. This obviously helped Napoleon in the long run.

Napoleon started out as a very good leader. As everyone knows all that power can corrupt any one person. Napoleon even started to change the seven commandments. Napoleon got furious when he got word that some of his comrades were betraying him. He got his blood hounds and one by one the blood hounds captured the traders and as soon as they confessed to what they did he let the blood hounds rip them to shred. After all that, Napoleon had a meeting with Mr. Pilkington. This started as a simple card game and to show them around the farm. They also changed the name of the farm from Animal Farm to Manor Farm. They ended up getting in a argument over the card game. That’s how the story ended. But we thought Napoleon was a great leader at the beginning until we found out how he lies and how he’s such a corrupted person.

Tammy Keister

Jacob Price