Napoleon was one of the two boars, which lived on Animal Farm. He and another boar were ranked next in line among the pigs as the cleverest. Napoleon helped run the farm and was a part of all decisions. He was a large rather fierce-looking Berkshire boar, he was the only Berkshire on the farm. Napoleon wasn’t much of a talker, but was known for getting his own way. Napoleon was, also bold and he showed leadership.

When it came to making decisions, Napoleon became the most active in debates, along with Snowball. Napoleon and Snowball were never in agreement with each other, even when a solution was made it still seem as if there were many disputes between each other. Napoleon had took no interest in things set up by Snowball, such as the learning committees. Napoleon believed the education of the young was more important than the education of those who are already grown up. Nine dogs, were born from Jessie and Bluebell, Napoleon took them away and made their education his responsibility. The nine puppies were kept apart from others, that their existence was not remembered.

Napoleon and Snowball had many disputes between each other. Napoleon was better at canvassing support for himself at the many debates. His view on Snowball was that he believed Snowball was just biding their time. As more events went further on, on Animal Farm, Napoleon’s control took over. He had so much control, that he didn’t know that the power was changing him. The animals never thought anything of it, they just believed that under Napoleon’s control, things were getting better. Darian Vayson Arneatha Collins