Napoleon is a manipulating, explicit dictator. He was also a hypocritical leader. Napoleon leads the farm into chaos. He definitely wasn’t the right leader for the Animal Farm. Napoleon seemed to have authority over the rest of the animals.

Napoleon was an awful leader. He was very manipulative. He would actually feed the animals less and less food over time, and he would convince them to work harder. Napoleon’s demands were grueling. You had to follow the commandments and his rules, or would be put to death or expulsion. Napoleon was a leader that was hypocritical to his own word. For instance the fifth commandment “No animal shall drink alcohol” was changed to “No animal shall drink alcohol to excess.” This commandment was changed to hide the fact that Napoleon broke it, and drank alcohol himself. When the other animals would drink they would be put to death. Napoleon pulled the farm into a chaotic mess. Before he came along everything was under control, but as soon as he was elected to run the farm things got out of hand. He pushed the animals over the edge by treating them like slaves. Animal Farm would’ve been far better off without Napoleon as leader.

In my opinion he wasn’t a very good leader. He should have been overthrown. The animal that should have been leader was someone who was wiser and more in tune with the animals basic needs. Napoleon just used the other animals for his own personal gain.

Ariya Walters

Kaitlyn Kendrick

PAP English1