Moses the Raven is a tamed raven who is Mr. Jones' special pet amongst all the farm animals on Manor Farm. Moses was a spy for Mr. Jones and a clever talker. He was also a tale-bearer but really he only beared one tale of a fantasy place called Sugar Candy Mountain. This place was a little distance past the clouds where all animals go when they die. Moses, using his clever talk, always made this so called Sugar Candy Mountain seem perfect and he always told anyone who would sit down and listen to his tale. In doing this it made him hated amongst the farm animals and the pigs had a hard time making the belivers of Sugar Candy Moutain understand there was no such thing. You can really tell what characteristics or personality that Moses has during his small parts in this story mainly because even in the beginning of the story he was taking bear soaked bread from Mr. Jones. Not only that but when Mr. Jones left Moses went with him and stayed with him for many years. He only came back when Mr. Jones started staying at the bar called the Red Lion for many hours on end. After the Moses came back to the farm and even though the pigs said his tales where false they let him stay and even gave him an allowance of a gill of bear a day. In the end Moses never did any work on the farm and he never picked a side between Snowball and Napoleon. He really showed no intrest when politics came about not even Old Major held the meeting to get the whole revolution started on the farm. He really doesn't like one place he mainly just goes where the most food is, showing his inner raven, and only belives in Sugar Candy Moountain. Moses the raven can be taken as many things such as a two faced double crosser, a slacker, and the greatest, a lier. In this story though almost every character, farm animal and human alike, everyone was at fault in there actions. Whether it be a minor letting evil power corrupted people take over the farm or in slaving animals and the most cinical slaughtering truley innocent animals everyone, again, was at fault. So, in the end Moses was just another person on the farm and just another person at fault.

Nycola Nolen and Robert Harris

2nd Period