Today we are talking about the four main pigs in animal farm. The pigs consist of Old Major, Napoleon, Snowball, and squealer. So let’s get started.

First I am going to talk about old major. He was the oldest animal farm and he is the one that inspired the animals to revolt against the humans. Because old major knew if animals realized their true strength then the animals would obey them. Then old major passed away that night in his sleep.

Next I am going to give information about napoleon. Napoleon is one the pigs that takes over when old major passes away. He also was one of the pigs that led the farm to victory at the battle of cowshed. Once Jones was out the pigs and napoleon came up with seven commandments that every animal must follow. But napoleon thought the biggest thing to address was that all animals were equal. Napoleon let all the power goes to his head and runs snow ball out of the farm because, he wants to run the farm himself and said snowball was a traitor.

Now I am going to tell you about snowball. Snowball was also one of the pigs that took charge after old major’s death. Snowball led the animals against Jones and his men at the battle of cowshed. For his heroics he was awarded animal hero 2nd class. Also snowball had come up with an idea to power the entire farm, a windmill. But as always napoleon was against it, so it led to an election. But before the winner was decided snowball was ran out of the farm by napoleon. So with him having no place to stay he went to live on Pilkington farm. And every night he would come over and ruin the farm by napoleons words.

Last but not least were going to let you know about squealer. In the story squealer was the person who always tried to make napoleon look good, as if he was a publicist. Not only that he was the one who tried to educate every animal on the farm but he got frustrated and gave up.

Tyrell Johnson

Bryant Carter

3rd period