In the story Animal Farm there are 7 commandments that all the animals have to follow My group which contains three of us has all agreed that the drinking commandment was by far the best .This commandment at one point said “No animal shall drink alcohol” and the animals followed it as read. Later after the animals have rebelled against the Mr. Jones and the humans there is a new person in charge. After Napoleon exiled snowball from the farm he was the unsound letter of Animal Farm. He decided to make some changes to the commandments especially with this one. He changes the commandment by two words to, “No animal shall drink alcohol or excess.” With this change Napoleon and all the pigs was able to drink alcohol with napoleon getting 1 gallon and the other pigs would get 1 pint of alcohol. With this happening napoleon started drinking so much he got drunk and one animal thought he was dying. All of this started after the former leader of animal farm Old Major had died in his sleep, not from alcohol, but from old age. Since he died all of Hades broke out. So from one leader dying a dictator was born, and napoleon took over animal farm. We don’t want you to think that this commandment is the only important one napoleon changes the other commandments to, so he could kill an animal, so him, and the pigs could be human. This is how the drinking commandment changed by only two words.

Christian Warren, Khyon Johnson, and Ki Ki

9th Grade English Pre AP 2nd period