He had an explanation of a new thing for the animals to walk on four legs than two because animals shouldn’t walk on their hind legs. This came about because Snowball thought everybody didn’t know the seven commandments. Soon the barn he painted 4 legs good, two legs bad. Four legs good, two legs bad came from no animals should walk on their hind legs like humans which is the enemy. Pigs started sleeping in beds, wearing clothes and everything to be like humans when at first they were his enemy. This is used in the book because four legs good, two legs bad has been connected through the commandments. At first Snowball said it was better to walk on four legs than two because they’re not supposed to walk on hind legs. This certain topic was a commandment so they had to obey this law just like many others. But they disobeyed them because they wanted to exactly like humans. So that means they were being a hypocrite and doing things out of spite. Those are the reasons why four legs good, two legs bad was used throughout the story. It is changed at the end because Snowball ended up getting thrown out and Napoleon became a leader and changed all those to accompany him. He changed it to four legs good, two legs bad better. He changed it because him and the pigs started walking on their hind legs because they believe their soupier than everybody else.

Randy Armstrong and DeVonte’ Goodwin

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