Clover is the stout mother of four fouls. Unfortunately she was never able to keep or raise any of them past their first year of life because Mr. Jones sold them at that point. Clover was reaching her middle life and had never really been able to regain her figure after boring her fourth foul. She is also one of the two cart horses, Boxer being the other. Clover is sweet natured and loyal. She is one of the most loyal disciples the farm has. She is also good in memory although her eye sight is not and has never been the best. She had always worried about Boxer because of the way he worked himself so hard on a constant day to day basis. Clover always cautioned him to ease up on the work or take it slower, but he never listened to her. She was especially worried about him after he split his hoof working. Clover was by his side as much as she could be along with the company of Benjamin. As soon as she found medicine from the medicine cabinet she gave it to Boxer twice a day after his meals. She was one of the animals that were most affected by Boxer's death-- he ended up being taking from the farm by a horse slaughterer and by the time Benjamin was able to tell anyone the truth of the van that took Boxer, it was too late. There was a retirement age set for each animal and the age set for horses and pigs was twelve years of age. Though now Clover is fourteen, two years past the set retirement age, she didn't retire, no animal really ever did retire. She is and has always in a way been the matriarch of all the animals in general, but also now to the new horses that came to the farm some time after Boxer's death.

Kaitlyn Kelly

Christa Gitschlag

5th period