The way the windmill had come to be was a long a painstaking journey. It was rebuilt three times. The first time the animals thought it was Snowball that destroyed the windmill. Then they had to rebuild it when they got to the bottom of who did it. When they rebuilt the windmill they used twice as thick walls as before. The windmill was finished during the autumn season. Because of snowballs treachery the windmill was finished.

The animals were going to rebuild the windmill. It was rebuilt three knock it down. The two men were drilling at the base of the windmill with a sledge hammer and a crowbar. When they finally got the hole in the base they packed the hole with blasting powder (dynamite). The only thing the animals could do was watch. They could not and would not leave the shelter of the other buildings, because it was far too dangerous. When the two men finished packing the hole with dynamite there was an extremely loud noise. The breeze slowly drifted away the dust. Then the windmill had no longer existed. This had started the Battle of the Windmill.

The third time the windmill was rebuilt was the last. The animals had won the Battle of the Windmill. To celebrate their victory they fired a few gun shots and made a few toasts. Although most of the animals were wounded they were still very eager to rebuild the windmill. The animals were not the only ones who had gotten hurt in the battle the men did too. The animals started rebuilding after the celebration.

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