Boxer a hard working and determined horse, who was very strong and never rested until the job was complete. He came up with mottos that became his solution to every obstacle, to every change. Boxer wanted to make life easier for his fellow animals so when his time came to visit sugar Candy Mountain the generations of the future could live better and not have to work as hard as he had. Boxer was told many times by Clover and Benjamin to cut back a little on working and not to strain himself. Boxer who was stubborn worked and worked never showing the others how much he was hurting the process.

In and out of season Boxer worked like a slave. He never complained because he knew it was going to benefit him. Boxer was the one who always strained himself to get the job done. He was always warned by Clover not to over strain himself but he never listened.

The next winter had become real bitter. “Only Boxer and clover never lost heart”(chapter 6 pg. 22). Boxer’s strength was a inspiration to everyone and his never-failing cry “I will work harder”. For him to never ask questions, he seemed puzzled. No matter how puzzled he was he still was going to give his all when building the windmill.

During the battle with Fredrick and his men boxer bruised his hind legs very badly. They had gained great victory at the Battle of the Windmill. Boxers split hoof was a long time in the healing. Here boxer goes again refusing to take a day off of work. Boxer wouldn’t listen to anyone about slowing down.

Unfortunately one night it started raining a thundering, everyone left except for Boxer and Benjamin. With his injured hoof he tried to lift a huge boulder by himself. The boulder fell on Boxer but yet he still survived. A few days later Napoleon sold Boxer to a glue factory. That was the last of the strong horse who always worked hard to better everyone’s life.

Corrionne Washington

Chamille Williams

3rd Period