Boxer is a horse that lives in Animal Farm. His birthday is in the late summer. He lives by the motto “I will work harder.” Boxer has a rarely found attitude. No animals want to work, but Boxer does. He is a great follower, and always follows the rules. If he hurts, he doesn’t show it. If he feels like giving up, he doesn’t.

Boxer is one of those animals that stood by his word. He says he will work hard, he does. His motto “I will work harder,” was later changed to “I will work harder and longer.” All of his problems were answered with that motto. He harnessed himself to the cutter, and would come out at night and work for an hour or two on his own. His partner, Clover, was hard working too. In fact, they were the hardest working animals on the farm.

Later, Boxer happened to hurt his hoof. He admitted it to Clover. Clover, and also Benjamin, warned Boxer about his hoof. Yet, he never stopped working. Eventually, he started working harder than he ever had. Boxer remained on his hooves, he never took breaks unless it was feeding time or bathing time. He was given two baths a day.

After some time, Boxer began to feel weak. He said his lung was the issue. After that, Boxer remained in his stall for the next two days. He was given medicine after meals, twice a day. One day, a van had arrived to take boxer away. Benjamin read what the van said after Boxer was in it. It was a van to take him to the glue boiler. He couldn’t escape.

Boxer was a very hard working animal that never quit. When he did, Napolean felt he was useless. A memorial service was held for Boxer. Every animal there admired him for who he was. And he will never be forgotten by them.

By: Breana Price and Taylor Palmer