Boxer is a cart-horse, who is a very enormous beast. He was about 18 hands high, and as strong as two regular horses put together. He wasn’t the first-rate intelligence. Boxer was very well respected for his steadiness of character and tremendous powers of work. Boxer spent his Sundays in the small paddock farther from the orchard. Boxer was their most faithful disciples. He had a difficult time for thinking anything out for himself. Boxer was the admiration to everybody and his tremendous muscles helped the other animals with the farm. Boxer always worked the most on the farm than the other animals. His answer to every one of his problems, setbacks was always, “I will work harder”. He adopted that as his own personal motto, and Boxer couldn’t read very well, he barely got pass the letter “D” in the alphabet. During the Battle of Cowshed, Boxer had on his iron-shod hoofs, kicked a stable boy from Foxwoods in the skull. That killed him, it was an accident and Boxer was very sad about it. When the boy died he quoted, “I have no wish to take life, not even human life”. When all the animals ran snowball out Boxer declared that ‘Napoleon is always right’, which he adopted that to his personal motto too. Boxer was getting too old and working so hard on the windmill. Clover and Benjamin told him to slow down, but he wouldn’t listen. Boxer collapsed one day after working too hard on the windmill they thought he was dying but he wasn’t and he said he wanted to retire. Squealer convinced everybody that a veterinary surgeon in Willingdon could treat Boxer but didn’t they was really sending him to Alfred Simmmonds, Horse Slaughter and Glue Boiler, Willingdom When they took away Boxer to the Slaughter place the other animals tried to warn him but 3 days later he died in the Willingdom hospital.

Travae Ruth and Danielle Roberson