Leading up to the Battle of Cowshed, the animals were getting tired of Mr. Jones and his mistreating staff. Three days after Old Major, the animal that brought about the rebellion idea, died, the animals rebelled due to the fact of being given less food. They attacked Mr. Jones and ran him off the farm. Seven months later, he returned to reclaim his farm, thus bringing a few men with sticks and a gun. The animals were fully prepared and had Snowball as the head of the defense line. As the men shouted with triumph and rushed the animals in disorder, Snowball signaled for three horses, three cows, and the pigs to ambush the men. As the animals charged the men, Snowball dashed straight for Mr. Jones. Seeing this, Mr. Jones raised his gun and fired at Snowball, leaving bloody streaks along Snowball’s back. Feeling no pain, he flung toward Mr. Jones’ legs and knocked him into a pile of poo and Jones dropped his gun. While this was going on, Boxer, one of the horses, rose up on its hind legs and struck one of Jones’ men with his iron-shod hoofs. At the sight of the horse, Jones’ men dropped their sticks and fled. All the animals took vengeance on the men. They were goring, kicking, biting, and trampling Jones and the men. As soon as an opening cleared, the men ran as soon as they could. As they were running, the geese were pecking away at the calves of the men. The animals had won! The animals were in the wildest excitement over their victory. They gave awards such as First Class and Second Class Hero. They celebrated and named October 12th as the anniversary of the Battle of Cowshed.

Kyaira Brown Sacha Richardson 2nd Period English