Even though Animal Farm is mostly consider a fable, it connects to a much bigger issue that happens a long time ago. It connects with the Russian Revolution that happened in the early 1900’s. The Russian peasants just as the animals on Animal Farm both struggle to survive under the unfair leaders. For the Animal Farm it was Mr. Jones and for Russians it was Czar Nicholas II.After the entire struggle to survive them finally decided to fight back. In 1917 there was a war to over throw czar’s government. This war was called World War I. In Animal farm, the animals had a war with Mr. Jones called Battle of the cowshed. After the Russians won the war Bolshevik leader of Vladimir Lenin took over the Russian government. Soon after he died in 1924 his two colleagues Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin took his spot. The same as in Animal Farm when they overthrown Farmer Jones and Old Major became the leader of the farm. Soon he died in his sleep. Then his two partners Snowball and Napoleon took his place. When Stalin felt the power he soon became corrupted with it and ended up permanently exited Trotsky (His Co-Partner). He would begin with despotic urgency and exalted nationalism. Basically he was a dictator. Same as in Animal Farm, Napoleon got a hold on the power and didn’t want to share it. So he gotten rid of his brother and took over the Farm. He didn’t let the Animals have their way. Matter of fact they couldn’t do anything but work, eat, sleep, and go to the meetings.

Tiffany Smith Leahonna Hawkins 2nd