In the book Animal Farm, there was a rebellion between the animals and humans. There were four major leaders in the book Ole Major, Napoleon, Squealer, and Snowball. The pig that is in the spotlight is Squealer; Squealer was one of the three wise pigs that taught themselves how to read. With the three pigs Squealer write the seven commandments. Squealer was the third smartest pig. He was basically the announcer of whatever napoleon did. He worked with Napoleon greatly, and helped lead the animals into the battles. Squealer was sort of like second in charge all throughout the rebellion. In the rebellion Squealer attitude didn’t change; he also help make snowball feel out as a traitor. At the battles, Squealer helped lead and during their Hard labor, Squealer continued to convince the Animals to keep working hard. Squealer work hard to help out Napoleon. He interpreted the Seven Commandments and justified them. He helped teach the sheep their chant Four legs good, Two legs better. He also taught the animals their A, B, C’s and taught them to speak English when Snowball left. Squealer told the animals that Napoleon was the true leader, when Snowball was the actual true leader. Squealer was at Napoleon’s side no matter what and never got jealous of Napoleon. Squealer also made a poem about Napoleon’s Heroism. Squealer also took care of Napoleon by vouching for him, and taking care of Napoleon when he was in bad health. Squealer helped Napoleon explain to the animals that the song Beast’s Of England was no longer needed because the rebellion is over. Squealer also dealt with Napoleons traitors such as Moses the Raven, when Napoleon was busy. Squealer convinced the animals to call Napoleon Leader Comrade Napoleon, so as you can see Squealer was a big part of animal farm.