The original 6th commandment was originally “No animal shall kill any other animal.” The commandment was changed to “No animal shall kill any other animal without proper cause.” Leading up to this change, Napoleon had executed the four pigs. The pigs had protested the abolishment of Sunday morning meeting. Also they were said to have been secretly in touch with Snowball, and they had come to an agreement to destroy the windmill. The pigs went to Napoleon and confessed to him what they were said to have done. They only came forth because they had been convinced that they were guilty. But in all actuality they had not done any of the things they confessed to.

Napoleon was also responsible for killing 1 goose, 3 hens, and 3 sheep. During the middle of the night Squealer went in the barn and added on to the original commandment. Some of the animals thought that it had been changed but were not for sure if it had changed at all. That is only because the animals did not have very good memories. Squealer had went to the animals and said to them that the commandment had said that the entire time there for the animals believed what he said.

Napoleon ended up using Squealer the entire time to go to the others and tell them his lies, because Squealer was very good at making people believe that what he said was true and Napoleon was not as good at this. Also Napoleon did not want to risk getting caught in his lies. In a way Napoleon was also to blame for the death of Boxer, by having him taken to a slaughter house. The only reason most of the commandments had changed was just to benefit Napoleon in one way or another.

Lynsey Ward and Christina King 5th period