So one question . . . Who started this whole Rebellion against the white man?

Who started this whole Animalism statement? There are two reasons this occurred: Old Major and Snowball!

Animalism- it basically summarizes the facts of all the seven commandments, also known as the saying: four legs good and two legs bad. But the only reason for this saying was for the slower animals. The sheep, hens, and ducks. So how did we come from Mr. Jones leading the farm, too animals left and right yelling “Animalism “? I’ll tell you why, because of the pigs. You ever realize that in this story. The pigs ran everything! It started with the oldest pig named Major, to escalating with the pigs known as the prime ones and their offspring, and so on and so forth.

So Snowball and Napoleon decided to come up with some rules, rules that every animal has to learn, know and follow these seven commandments of Animal farm. Well you know what? Not every animal could follow those rules that were set for them. So that is basically the whole reason whole reason for this word “Animalism” Animalism was used to keep everything in order, so that the animals would and could not possibly become like the human beings. But did this work?? Nope I don’t think so. The pigs eventually started walking on their two hind legs, drinking, sleeping in the beds, eating more than all the other animals, killing other animals and etc. The other animals couldn’t understand what was happening... but all did was follow this new word; Animalism. And now we all see what happens when the pigs created this new line of work. So thanks to this the Animal farm went in a downward spiral to the end of its creation!!

Brittany Dobins & Kai Starks